Sunday 12 June 2016

Weekend WIP

I have had a bit of a whirlwind weekend. I had to leave school at lunchtime on Friday and head straight to London to present at a conference at the British Museum (a life goal achieved there); the taxi I had booked didn't turn up so I only just made my train, which made for a very stressed Sally sitting on the train. Knitting was the only way to turn. Hence...

20 down, 107 to go. Yep, I managed four in one weekend. This is also thanks to the obnoxious drunk who sat next to me on the train home and attempted to philosophise with me. "Stick to your knitting" has rarely been more apt: I got a lot done. I also realised I had done a giant miscalculation and if I can knit two a week then I should be done with all the single skeins by the end of the summer. Very motivating.

This skein was That's Just How We Roll. It reminds me of Uptown, that I bought on my first visit to Jimmy Beans in 2009 and knitted this top out of. There's a bit more grey in the limited edition, though.

I must get back onto the linen top now, though. I was wearing the orange one for giving my presentation and remembered how comfortable it is, particularly in situations that involve a lot of sweat (it doesn't matter how many things like this I do, I never get less nervous). Ergo, the blue one would be ideal for Vietnam this summer.

Here is a bonus picture of me feeling very proud of myself down by the river. The city was all humid and heavy and overcast like it was when I finished my finals and felt similarly pleased with myself. It was a good nostalgic moment.

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