Sunday 5 June 2016

Weekend WIP

I forgot how addictive knitting this top is.

It's murder on my hands. I think the problem is that I hold my working yarn lightly between the curled ring and little finger of my right hand, and with it being such skinny yarn I have to grip instead of just letting it hang out. This makes the attached knuckles sore. Being a complete hypochondriac, I started to become concerned about possible carpal tunnel so I reverted after knitting group yesterday and put another couple of hexagons to bed (16 down, 111 to go).

However, I did manage to get the shoulder stitches onto holders on Friday and knit up to the third stripe yesterday. The middle blue I picked is transferring quite a lot of colour onto my hand anyway and I had no desire to go back to work with the right-hand fingernails of one long dead, so it was just as well.

Bonus pictures: in an effort to achieve my year's goal of knitting up all the individual skeins of Lion & Lamb I had sitting in stash, I wound them all into cakes.

At the top, That's How We Roll; middle left is Sookie's Last Stand, middle right is Royal Baby: Snips and Snails; bottom left is Royal Baby: Sugar and Spice and bottom middle is He Who Must Not Be Named. Bottom right is the last skein of Georgetown I bought for the shawl I knitted in 2009, my only other single skein in this yarn.

The purples in particular blend together very nicely:

I was surprised by how much nicer some of the colours were once they were out of the skein. I keep thinking they're too nice for a blanket but that is a silly thing to think: I don't know what else 200m of yarn could easily become and it's too nice to stay sitting in stash, at any rate.

If I am strict with myself and complete two hexagons a week, I should have finished with this little lot by Christmas.

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