Saturday 28 September 2019

Strictly Come Dancing: My Dance of the Night

A double this week because I forgot to do this last week. I don't normally watch the early episodes because they go on for a really long time, but since I was at home and wanting to knit for the past two Saturdays, watch them I did.

Week 1 - had to be Kelvin and Oti's Samba. I think everybody was just blown away by how good he was for the first week. I loved the shots of Jamie in the audience, clearly being slightly annoyed that he had been replaced by somebody so good at dancing.

Week 2 - I liked a lot of the dances this week, but nothing much stood out for me this week, so it probably has to be Mike and Katya's American Smooth, because it was extremely entertaining. The lifts were predictably risky but I reckon that after Ed Balls, Katya basically has no fear.

I do love Strictly being back. It's just a big part of the routine for autumn.

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