Sunday 15 September 2019

Weekend FO

This was finished two weeks ago but I was waiting for the quarterly Flock gathering so that I could get some Mr B pictures for my blog post.

Pattern: Diatom Shawl by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
Yarn: Knitpicks Palette - 4 balls of red, one each of the other five colours
Needle: 4mm
Mods: I wouldn't have a clue how to modify something of this intricacy, so none, unless you count where I made a mistake and didn't fix it - this happened disturbingly regularly but I can't find any of them in the finished item, thankfully.

This kit has been in my stash since 2013. I think I might have mentioned that already. It was a fairly straightforward knit for the most part, although when each repeat got to around 20 stitches, I did struggle a bit to hold the pattern in my head on complicated rows. Luckily every other round was plain knitting, which helped, and I took it to Copenhagen with me, which allowed for lots of knitting time. I pack a new ball of red and an optimistic ball of orange, and was thrilled when I ended up needing both - that might be the first time that's every happened.

I was going to gift this as a baby blanket but was warned about giving holey things for use with little fingers, and it is handwash only which I don't think SIL should have to manage on top of managing a baby, so I am going to keep it for me. It could probably block a bit bigger but I didn't have enough room on the time I am staying somewhere with a king sized bed, I might have another go.

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