Sunday 29 September 2019

Weekend WIP

The front of the Volt jumper is finally finished.

I cast this on in July but then spent all summer knitting the Diatom shawl. It has been slow going, I think partly due to the intarsia - every few rows there had to be a detangling - and partly due to the purling. Give me in the round any day, all day long. The back should be quicker, though, since it's just plain st-st.

I am delighted with how the colours have turned out although nervous about the first wash/block - I would be sad to end up with a green flash. I have many colour catcher sheets, though, so hopefully it will be ok.

I'm excited about finishing it. I'm currently enjoying a slouchy jumper from M&S that Parpy Jo managed to snaffle for me in the sale - it is oversized with drop shoulders, like this one, and it's really comfy to wear.

I am a bit concerned that there is variation in the yarn that I didn't really think of. I didn't alternate blue skeins because there was already a lot going on, but when I laid it out to take a picture in the first instance, there was quite a pronounced line where (I assume) I introduced the second skein.

It isn't as pronounced in real life as in the picture, thankfully. However, I think I will alternate skeins on the back.

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