Thursday 26 September 2019

Three on Thursday

I went back over to Carole's blog for the first time in a while recently and found a new prompt - Three on Thursday, which seems more achievable than Ten on Tuesday, which I miss but can become quite the time suck. So here we go.

Three things I'm doing to make myself happier

1. Home improvement. 
Done by someone else, and being fussy with it. We live in a permanent state of clutter (this mainly seems to be my fault) and I am not here for it, so we are finally reaching the end of the home improvement project (for now) as the built-in storage under the stairs is being finished and the flooring has been picked out for the hall, enabling me to look at many-drawered cabinets for holding everything we really can't part with. Exciting.
The carpenter we got for the job has been great and I've been bossy. He wanted to put the coat rail at waist height ('We measured your longest coat on it and it's fine') and left to right, but I have insisted on high up and front to back, because I know there are rarely-worn coats I won't need to get at and this is the best use of the space. He wanted to put 5-6 shelves of 30-40cm in the bookcase he's built me to replace the banister but I insisted on fewer, taller shelves because I wanted it more open. I'm not normally someone who is this bossy in this sort of role (though bossy is a natural state for me, so it's odd) but I have stuck to my guns and I'm getting what I want. He seems almost pleased at the direction. Who knew?

2. Prepping vegetables
Lunches are a personal watermark of my work-life balance. School do good lunches that are only £2 but if I'm buying them every day, it's because I'm not looking after myself. So far this term I've managed to batch cook enough veggies on a Sunday to have a home-made salad every day of the week. Granted, my 9-vegetable salad has shrunk to a 4-vegetable one this week, thanks to a busy Sunday, but it'll do. I feel a lot calmer when I can pack my own lunch.

3. Making plans
I've got friends who've moved to Edinburgh and Belfast recently that I'd like to visit. Today I caught myself thinking that I shouldn't visit them both in November because it's too many weekends away. Hang it all. This shouldn't be an issue! I am going to get the calendar out and make plenty of weekend plans between now and the end of the year.

Here's Carole's post on the matter. Thanks for the prompt!

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