Sunday 29 March 2009

A Glut of Spring

I've taken to having a bit of brunch with Parpy Jo on Sundays if we're both free, at Grounded, a very lovely cafe on the main road through Redfield. We've become quite adept at getting the nice squashy leather sofas by the front door and are slowly working our way through the breakfast menu - today I had smoked salmon and spinach scrambled eggs on focaccia bread with rocket, which was delicious, though mext time I might ask them to make it without the salmon which I found a bit overpowering (probably mostly because I don't love smoked salmon).

Anyway. Opposite Grounded is a florist called the Red Flower Barrow, and today they had some bargainous flowers. Apparently their Dutch supplier can't go home with any flowers and this week he had a lot which neede dgetting rid of, so they had a shedload of various blooms, each for a pound. Hence, my house is filled -

These are on the hall table.

And these are on the dining table - though I put them outside for the picture because otherwise it would have had Mr Z in the background.

All those fleurs for a measly £6! What a bargain.

Having fresh greenery around motivated me to try and tidy up downstairs a bit and just put things out of the way, so it is looking a bit less cluttered down there - though there's definitely room for improvement.

I just googled Grounded to see if they had a website, and while they don't, this fun picture on Flickr came up - made even more fun by the fact that, like the woman in it, I too sit on that exact sofa, and knit.

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