Tuesday 17 March 2009

Tuesday Ten

Ten Reasons to be cheerful (one, two, three!)

1. It's so definitely spring. There are daffodils everywhere. I wore my birkis to school today, and a summer outfit with just a little cardigan over it. It was too warm in my classroom this afternoon - and the gardeners were out cutting the grass so I couldn't open windows. Spring is here!

2. I get to send out 16 letters tomorrow, offering sixth form pupils places on the trip to Malaysia. They are going to be over the moon.

3. The Murder Mystery was so successful that we have had a record number of thank yous from parents and pupils, and the head mentioned it in governors tonight (even though it was a premises meeting and completely irrelevant).

4. We've got a new mattress. It's amazing. I love it. I didn't think bedtime could get any better.

5. I get to see my lady friends on Friday night, for the first time since December. I'm very excited about it, and I have Egyptian gifts for them.

6. The ski trip hoodies arrived and not only is the logo (impeccably designed by the head of art) really fitting, and the names really nicely stitched, but they are also TURQUOISE! My favourite. I wanted purple or jade green but the boys said they were too "gay" (tisk). Little did I realise I'd actually be ending up with a better colour.

7. I am extremely wealthy for this point in the month. Mysteriously. But I haven't forgotten to pay anything. I keep checking my balance and holding my breath, but it's not going down.

8. I'm being extremely efficient and motivated at work at the moment, and have managed to complete more tasks in the past two days than I have in the past three weeks, or so it feels.

9. I have a big tin of chocolate biscuits sitting here that were a present from the guy who came round and took our old fridge off our hands (we were using it to store plates in while the kitchen was being done so I put a card up in Asda offering it for free). They are perfect biscuits - two is enough.

10. I have two knitting groups this week so I will hopefully manage to finish a baby item for Jen and maybe even some booties or something, plus I get to see all the lovely people at the knitting groups.

Woo hoo! Life is good. Hopefully it will stay this way.

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