Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Happy Wednesday

OK, now this video isn't exactly funny...

But it does make me happy, something about the beat...and if you could see me bouncing around in a towel, straight out of the shower, trying to emulate the 80s grooving of those backing dancers, you would be laughing yourselves silly.

Wednesday was quite happy. I was a bit pissed off with some lazy lazy students, but the kid who said I had a carrot brain came and said sorry, and my year 12s were in good spirits, and I managed to convince the head to be our senior teacher for the horrible KS3 disco I'm running next week to part-fund the ski trip.

Also, even though it was Horribleday, I have just figured out that I only have THREE MORE HORRIBLEDAYS EVER! Thanks to year 12 leaving for a while, then year 11 go, and then year 10 are on work that's made me feel much more cheerful. This year has proper flown by, it seems like only yesterday I was looking at my timetable and realising, hey, on Thursdays after year 13 and year 11 leave, I won't have any lessons at all....

Interesting situation unfolding at school. We have a couple of teachers in the same department (the colouring in one) who are both going for the same HoD at a different school - both got interviews. One is 3 years into his career, and breathtakingly arrogant (though he's a nice guy....just a complete stranger to humility). I'd rather he left. The other has been acting HoD for a year and is currently a pastoral head. I'd rather he got it, since it might knock Mr Amazing down a peg or two. What a dilemma! Thank goodness I'm not deciding.

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