Friday 20 March 2009

Loving the spring

It's been gorgeous weather here all week, and it's starting to put everybody at work in a better mood. I maintain it's because it feels like June and so we all think the end of the year is just around the corner...

Here is a glimpse from my classroom, of the catkins which populate the History Swamp between the two mobiles -

Unfortunately, thanks to the pleasure/pain principle, there has also been an explosion in litter all over the place, and year 12 seem to be spending most of their time out on the field sun bathing and playing football - which, if my year 12s are anything to go by, is not going to do them any favours. I am making a note to set masses of homework for them next week.

Thanks to the year 10 exams, I haven't had to teach yet today - first lesson for me (and also last) is in 10 minutes. It's going to be tough to get going. I've got lots done, though - managed to write my year 8 reports and get all the packs out for the year 9 conference which I seem to be organising. I can't remember whether I already mentioned it. It happens every year and I've attended the past 3, but thanks to the co-ordinator (my friend Jane) going on maternity, it's been passed on this year - first to somebody who didn't have a clue and then left, and now to somebody who's much better organised but even more time deprived.

Since my head is the lead head for our federation for G&T, he's taken a great interest in it, without actually knowing anything about it, so it has fallen to me to get everybody up to speed and this has resulted in me actually doing most of it so far, since it's easier. I don't mind, but I talked my friend Katie out of taking it on last year on the grounds that it shouldn't be a teacher because we're too busy and it's out of our remit. So I have spent some time feeling guilty about it, but talked it through with her and she's OK about it.

This means that, out of the 3 G&T events for our Federation this year, I am organising....3. Not bad going. I'd better get a nice big gold star at the end of it all, and maybe an assistant headship. Ha ha.

What a lovely weekend I'm going to have - hanging out with my ladyfriends tonight, knitting group in the morning, gardening in the afternoon, maybe Mr Z will take me to the pictures in the evening, and then....well, let's not talk about Sunday and planning a week's worth of lessons to be taught in foreign rooms, or all the marking...

I am loving Googles Spring logo today. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is an amazing book.

Nom nom nom.

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