Wednesday 11 March 2009

Tuesday Ten

I really wish I blogged more. I like reading back over it. I also like to read blogs that are regularly updated, because there's something fresh to look at often. I discovered this blog, written by a knitter who seems to be even more obsessed with shades of blue than I am, and she has a variety of tricks up her sleeve to help her post more regularly, so I am going to develop some of my own. The first one is less of a development and more of a direct theft - every Tuesday, a new list of ten somethings. Surely I will have time to write ten somethings every Tuesday?

We'll see.

Ten things I'm looking forward to
1. The Murder Mystery, this weekend. I'm a pirate captain. I have knitted a hat for the purpose.
2. SKIING! Three and a half weeks to go.
3. Having a weekend in which I can do some gardening. I want to do something spectacular in the garden this year. I bought a book on growing vegetables. I'll probably end up planting a lily in a pot.
4. My friend Beccy's wedding in June.
5. Sending out nice congratulatory letters to all the students we select for the Malaysia trip in the autumn. They're going to be so happy.
6. The Malaysia trip in the autumn.
7. Summer holidays to America, and hopefully getting to meet a long lost friend somewhere along the way, and visit Jimmy Beans Wool shop, and go white water rafting.
8. Jen having her baby, so I know what sex I'm knitting for.
9. My next lie in.
10. Reading my new knitting book....actually, I'm going to go and do that now.

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