Wednesday 18 March 2009

Happy Wednesday!

We're trying to implement happy Wednesdays at school, since everybody is all miserable at the moment and it seems to have a negative impact on behaviour. I was away last Wednesday when Lou and Jon put up posters advertising happy Wednesday, and asking people to refrain from negative comments for the day. When I came back the next day, they told me they had realised it wasn't going to be successful when both posters were ripped down by lunchtime.

Mmmm...that's the spirit.

I have been Happy Wednesdaying it up all day and had such a good lesson with year 11 first thing that we actually ran out of time and none of us even noticed. So here's a joke, so you can have a happy Wednesday too.

What's the fastest cake?

(This only works if you pronounce scone to rhyme with "on" and not to rhyme with "stone" (or indeed to rhyme with "done" which is the pronounciation I am trying to get off the ground)).

And here's a funny YouTube video from Comic Relief. Bless those footballers, they're all great sports.

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