Tuesday 5 May 2009

Tuesday Ten

Ten Guilty Pleasures

1. Yarn. Nice yarn, in pretty colours and very pettable. This has become guilty since I've now stashed several miles of the stuff, therefore I don't need any more.
2. Ben & Jerry's - especially the Baked Alaska one.
3. Shoes.
4. Books. They don't even have to be novels - any books will do.
5. Magazines, especially fashion magazines. I only buy them to flick. I have managed to give up the weeklies quite successfully but today I slipped and bought a copy of Elle. I also have a habit of buying knitting magazines even if I only like one pattern in them. I never know when I might change my mind and like another project, like that shawl I'm knitting from VK, and I justify it because I don't buy the weekly fashion mags anymore....
6. Having my hair washed and blow dried. I love doing this. It's a very rare occurrence, because it's quite an expense for something I could do myself that only lasts a day or two.
7. My newish camera.
8. Leaving my computer on all the time. So eco-enemy, but so convenient (incidentally, though, I am typing this on Mr Z's computer as mine is switched off).
9. Long baths with lots of Lush products in.
10. Being subversive at school. I admire the boat rockers, but can't quite bring myself to be public. So I try and be subtle and then feel secretly pleased and guilty when my plans pan out.

Basically, if I spend over the odds on something, I feel bad. It must have something to do with my upbringing, because it's not like I'm dragging out a credit card every time, and I do work (relatively) hard for my money. I suppose it's that nagging voice in the back of my head telling me to pay off my debts and put aside for the inevitable rainy day.

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