Tuesday 19 May 2009

Tuesday Ten

Reasons to be Cheerful - one, two, three....

1. It's half term next week. Holidays again already.
2. I can book the plane tickets to Vegas this weekend.
3. I am going to see Jen and the new baby in Sheffield for three days.
4. The train ticket only cost me £28 return.
5. I got an awesome new book in the post today called The Lost World of Communism which is full of fun anecdotes that are going to make teaching year 12 in June much easier (we start the year 13 syllabus, the week after they've done their exam...)
6. I finished the Lovely Shawl (no pictures yet, sorry) and it blocked out like a dream. Blocking is magical.
7. Next year when I teach the Cold War to year 13, I get to teach a bit about the fall of Yugoslavia, which was one of my degree modules. YEYY!
8. I can officially drive the minibus at work now, with kids in it.
9. I have just finished planning my lessons for tomorrow (which is the last official Horribleday ever) and I can go to bed now.
10. Mr Z and I are going to Portsmouth on Sunday so I get to go to the beach - even if it's raining.

Oh, and bonus? I have done seven of the things on last week's to do list - and the other three aren't time critical.

I love the fact everybody thought Patrick Swayze had died today seemingly due to a rumour started on Twitter (not least because it allowed a news site to print a correction stating, "Nobody puts Patrick Swayze in a coroner's"). It makes me wonder what other rumours we could start on Twitter, that might actually then become true. I'm liking the idea of, "New reports suggest UK economy is on the up again!"

The bank tried to lend me money yesterday when I paid my big cheque in. "Oh, you're eligible for a loan!" they said. "We just want to tell people we're still lending." Well, since my taxes bailed you out, I should bloody well hope you are - although you'll forgive me if I decline, since I've no doubt the rate is exorbitant.

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