Monday 11 May 2009

Weekend FO

Finally! It is complete! My longest-running project to date!

Well, it's just spring on a bamboo stick, isn't it?

Pattern: Cherry Blossom Bag by Nora J Bellows, aka Noni
Needle: The bag was 8mm. The flowers and branch took 3.75mm and 4mm DPNs respectively.
Yarn: All Cascade 220 - held double for the bag, which is the only patterndeviation in colour: I bought heathered turquoise instead of plain, because I like how the heathered colours have a little extra colour which pops out when this case, pink.
Mods: None, really. I didn't sew on all the flowers because it was looking very busy. I didn't check gauge and had to felt three times in the machine (plus the arduous hand-felting attempt as detailed here) to get the bag to a workable size.

I lined it with some cherry blossom brocade I bought about five years ago for no reason other than I adored it. It goes really nicely with the bag, although I did make a bit of a pig's ear of sewing it in and it's a bit wonky around the top.

I got the bamboo handles from here - they arrived, along with the bag feet and the magnetic snaps, on Saturday morning, after I'd ordered them late on Thursday night. I was most impressed. I attched them with some turquoise tabs made from ribbon I bought last year - that might have been the nicest part, actually: seeing all these elements I have been collecting for such a long time finally come together.

I really like it. I'm sorry I waited an entire year to finish it, particularly since the too-big problem was so easily fixed when I finally figured out that I could just refelt the damn thing.

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