Wednesday 27 May 2009

Tuesday Ten

(It is still Tuesday because I haven't been to bed yet....)

Ten Things That Have Happened Since Last Tuesday

1. Went to Portsmouth. Went walking on the seafront, and went to the D Day museum and had a good look round the exhibition and the Overlord Embroidery. Spent a good chunk of time sitting in my very favourite spot in the world: Castle Hill, soaking up some surprise bank holiday sunshine.
2. Participated in a charity pub quiz organised by Mother Hand. We came 5th. We were told we weren't allowed to win, in case it looked like a fix - but I don't think we were ever close.
3. Caught up with my friend Graham, who came to make up the team for the quiz. We used to work together as silver service wait staff in Portsmouth when I was at school, making him one of my oldest friends. He usually reminds me of the time I was sitting on the floor resting in a lull at the Royal Sailors' Home Club and the French Maitre d' came over and started telling me off, "Zees ees not Greenham Common! Get up!"
4. Went to see Angels and Demons at the pictures with Mother Hand. A million times better than the Da Vinci Code - but then I rated the book much higher, too. Must have been Dan Brown's first: some people only have one good book in them, I think. Really want to go to Rome now.
5. Booked our flights to the US this summer. The price had come down by almost £100 per ticket so I went for it.
6. Booked one Californian campsite, and found two others and a nice motel. The only reason I haven't booked those too is because I can't be bothered to walk downstairs and get my credit card.
7. Started knitting a new top, in a lovely petrol blue bamboo yarn I bought 10 balls of in a Get Knitted sale. Irritatingly, I got gauge on the recommended needle size when I swatched, but then when I had cast on the 131 stitches and knitted 5 rows I realised my gauge was WAY off and had to rip back. This yarn is about 10 plies and gets looser with every rip so it hasn't been fun reknitting the first bit. It's lovely and soft, though.
8. Went to see Cheri at the pictures with Parpy Jo. I liked the first half but not the second. The sets and costumes were beautiful, and gave me some ideas for the art deco lounge I hope to have one day.
9. Taught my LAST EVER HORRIBLE WEDNESDAY! The next one will be after the year 12 exam and so even if I have to teach all 6 lessons, the last 2 can be something like a video. I really hope I don't have a 6-lesson day on my timetable next year.
10. Achieved a star rating for all of the 50CC Grand Prixs on Mariokart. Now, to do the same for 100CC, 150CC and Mirror class....

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