Tuesday 6 July 2010

June Goals round up

Finish one delinquent knitting project - likely to be the red cardigan I started a year ago.
Finish the new lace shawl I started this week.
No. Knitting has gone out of the window. This is partly due to being busy and partly to getting a new phone - I have spent hours browsing and my Twitter usage has rocketed, which is a bit of a time suck.

Properly plan and practice the opening speech and presentation skills workshop I have to give at the conference I've been planning for the end of the month.
I did do this, but it was quite a last minute thing.

Update the G&T list at work.
No, but I have chased almost all the faculty lists up now.

Arrange the Malaysia trip meeting and plan something for it.
It's not until next Tuesday so I have some time. I used Doodle to help me find a good date for everyone, it's very helpful.

Spend less money. Having all the car money in my account has made me more frivolous than usual and I've been buying a lot more than usual. I intend to not spend more than my salary this month....well, apart from when I have to hand over the cash for the new car
Yes, done!

Sort through The Shoes and get them into a proper sort of order.

Done. I threw out three pairs. Not bad for a woman so attached to her shoes. (Note: they had to be thrown out, not charity shopped, because they were too shabby to wear....so it's not a huge victory for me to claim, but a victory nonetheless).

Arrange to have the shelves and rails put up in the kitchen - which will then be FINALLY DONE - not even two years after we begun! We were speedy with this one (rolly eyes)
I have spoken to Father Z about this. He told me to mark on the walls where I wanted them. I'm getting to it.

Organise the spare room, and paint the corner that needs painting, so I can get shelving up.
I organised the spare room on the first day of the month. Then I ignored it.

NOT get sun burn. This ties in with my news year's resolutions, but I think this is going to be the prime month for it.
Oh, yeah.

Get up to 30 hours total time on the Wii Fit - I need to do another 5ish.
I think I added a grand total for 40 minutes. Pathetic.

Lose 10lbs. I can totally do this. I want to wear the nice Coast dress I bought in a charity shop for the year 11 ball on June 29th, and it's a little tight for the moment.
I managed to lose 5. The dress is better, but I wore something else to the ball.

It wasn't great this month, and I was so enthusiastic at the start! But, I have been so very very busy.
I have been pondering my July goals....expect them soon. Maybe even tomorrow if I get my marking done.

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