Tuesday 20 July 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I'm Looking Forward To This Summer

1. The Monday morning lie in, on July 26th. Best lie in of the year.
2. Google Teacher Academy. It is a mere 8 days away!
3. Knitnation. I am going to the marketplace after GTA next Friday.
4. Malaysia. Caroline and I are going to bathe with elephants at the elephant orphanage. Amazing.
5. Prague, with Parpy Jo. Lots of drinking coffee in sunny squares and lusting after garnet jewellery.
6. Visiting Portsmouth, at the end of August, and seeing old friend Zoe, and swimming in the sea.
7. Reading a whole, actual, non-school book.
8. Finishing some knitting projects without feeling guilty about not doing school work.
9. Eating the fruits of my gardening labours. Well....Mr Z's gardening labours.
10. August pay day. I love August pay day, because it comes at the end of a month in which I've done no work.

Roll on end of term!

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