Sunday 25 July 2010

Weeknote, 24/7

Mostly the sparkly hat. It is simple enough to carry around. I haven't done much other knitting this week, thanks to end of term busy-ness.

going to:
Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, on a Geology field trip. It was amazing. I am quite embarrassed that this place is probably only an hour from where I grew up and not only had I never been there, I'd never even heard of it.

There was some larking about, of course.

Jika Jika, a lovely cafe in Bath, to meet up with somebody I met on Twitter who's also doing the Google thingie next week and wanted to chat about work stuff. It was very civilised.
Various establishments licensed to sell gin, in Bath. There was gin consumed, this being the last day of the school year.

Man, I'm graceful. Bath has lions dotted around this year. I might try and get round to see them all this summer.

The Hen & Chicken in Southville, for some dinner with Ben & Kirsty and some comedy courtesy of Stewart Goldsmith (I wonder if, when he Googles himself, he Googles both spellings of Stewart just in case some people use the wrong one, as I probably have? That would be terribly vain, but I can see myself doing it....) and some other guy who unfortunately was not very funny. I enjoyed the Goldsmith guy a lot.

Anything lying around, tbh.

obsessed with:
This work thing. I won't elaborate, but basically somebody is acting like a bit of a semantics-obsessed n00b, picked a fight and has blown it all out of all proportion. I don't understand why some people join a place in a voluntary role where they should be assisting that place in becoming better and more renowned, and then take the first available opportunity to drag it through the mud in the name of promoting themselves. It has made me, by turns, sad, disappointed, angry, frustrated and then sad again. Mostly a lot of sad, really.

entertained by:
My classes. Firstly we had our Spanish Armada lesson in the pond. I ended up with water in the waders, and I did several comedy stagger/grabs, thankfully before the pupils arrived, but it was a lot of fun. They made paper boats in their art lesson and I got to do fire ships and everything.

Then later in the week we did jousting. Each jouster wore tinfoil armour and for some reason I thought it prudent to tip the lances (pipe lagging) with chocolate spread to see where the hits occurred. This might have been a better experience if (a) we hadn't had a biblical rainstorm just as we were ready to get on with it, thus necessitating indoor events and (b) the kids hadn't decided that it was much more fun to repeatedly whack each other around the head/body with the lances, rather than actually jousting. Cue Nutella on the walls, ceiling, kids, me....

fed up with:
exam board work dragging onnnnn and onnnnnnn.....though, it is finally done. Hurrah. I had a phone call on Wednesday night:
EB: Hello, this is ... from .... calling about paper number ....
Me: Oh, right. Hello.
EB: Yes, there are still some responses outstanding on this paper.
Me: Um, yes.
EB: Yes, there are some 1as, 1bs and 1cs left.....about 450.
Me: (thinks) Yes, you cretin, I am the only TL on this paper and could probably tell you to within 3 responses how many there are left, get to the point!
EB: Will you mark some tonight?
Me: Yes, I will mark some tonight.
EB: Do you think you might finish them tonight?
(Long pause. I work very hard to neither swear vociferously nor burst out laughing)
Me: Erm. No. That's quite a lot of responses.
EB: Yes. OK.


Tired, but elated. I am amazed I have now been teaching for 7 full school years. I don't feel old enough! I also got a peek at the new year book and I was voted Kindest Teacher by the leaving year 11s (I am evidently not nearly sarcastic enough; I knew that concentrating my wit purely on the gingers this year would be my downfall) and they took my picture and it is a very lovely one, so that is good.

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