Tuesday 6 July 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I'm Going To Do When Marking Finishes

1. Crack open that bottle of gin my principal examiner bought me
2. Blog, every night for a week
3. Watch Big Brother when it's on, instead of in 20 minute segments on the following day
4. Sleep in until 6.45am
5. Go for a run or to circuits
6. Take Mr Z out to lunch
7. Go to the pictures on a school night
8. Mark some of my own books
9. Rush home from school and lie in the back garden with a magazine
10. Knit, knit, knit

I have definitely noticed the extra team members this year. I am almost done with backreading, then I need to do my own allocation, and then I'll have to get cracking on the leftovers. But I'll be doing that at my own speed. The exam board have excelled themselves this year in non-communication and I am not in the humour to run around on their bidding.

Induction day tomorrow. New tutor group! I met most of them at primary visits a couple of weeks back, and they're weeny. I'm exhausted at the prospect, but quite excited too.

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