Tuesday 13 July 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I Want For My Birthday

1. This case for my HTC Desire. Gutted they only ship within the US, because I really like this one too.
2. Some really nice martini glasses.
3. Jo Malone eau de cologne, in Grapefruit, and Red Roses.
4. Some new puzzle games for my DSi. I will have finished Professor Layton by the time I come back from Malaysia, I'm sure.
5. Some more Artyarns Beaded Silk Mohair.
6. A new work computer. My laptop is now at the end of its fourth year and really isn't coping. I am considering buying my own laptop.
7. A posh ice cream maker - although I am also really keen on the idea of buying this one, which reminds me of making coffee can ice cream on Camp America.
8. A Neocube. Better to look at the YouTube videos for it, though, as the product is not very weel represented by the scantily clad woman gyrating on the website (rolly eyes).
9. One of these hoodies. How awesome is this!
10. That lovely garnet brooch on ebay that I've been watching for, oooh, 8 months but simply cannot justify.

I don't want for much though, really. It has taken me ages to think of 10 things for this list.

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