Sunday 2 January 2011

Project 365: Day 2

One of my favourite things to photograph is a reflection. I think it's a good bargain: two pictures for the price of one, since you get a picture of the thing doing the reflecting, plus a picture of whatever is being reflected.

I used the super macro function on the camera for this one. It's kind of like a self-portrait, four times over.

Some of you might remember my rock bowl from a previous post. I Christmassed it up with a load of baubles that didn't fit on the tree (though my Geology teacher Tom, who came to dinner on Midwinter, was not impressed). Here is a bird's eye view of it:

Check back on Sundays for my Project 365 pictures. I intend to do a weekly update, which I think is more feasible than a daily one.

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Christine E-E said...

oh my gosh!!! I'd love the idea of posting 365 pictures... and actually your idea of posting once a week makes it seem do-able...
Happy New Year! wanted to let you know I'm hosting WEEKWORD - stop by my blog & let me know if you have something that you'd like to post! the word is SIMPLICITY!!