Sunday 29 May 2011

More Overnight Oats

As you read this I will be on my holidays, living it up in New York. With an impending trip this week's ONO were all about using it up.

Monday: Chocolate soy milk, plain yogurt and raspberries (this was FULL OF WIN).
Tuesday: I know it was guava juice and plain yogurt but I can't remember what fruit....I was late for work and ended up wolfing it down whilst doing my morning email, reponding. -- it came to me in the end: good, ripe, British strawberries.
Wednesday: Coconut yogurt, chocolate soy milk and blueberries
Thursday: Guava juice, plain yogurt and blueberries
Friday: Chocolate soy milk, plain yogurt, banana and some walnuts. I put the banana in just before eating because I am funny about banana and don't like to too soft or ripe.

On Thursday, I actually chose ONO over the selection of croissants and pain au chocolat school laid on for a training breakfast - it really is that good. (I might have snaffled a pain au chocolat for breaktime, mind you).

I will take a moment here to blow a trumpet for Total 2% Greek yogurt. I can only get it in my local Asda and they don't even sell it online which is very irritating as it means I have to actually go out and be among the public to get it. It is worth it though. It has a lot more velvety creaminess than the 0% version with none of the guilt associated with the full-fat version.

Incidentally, I reckon the full-fat version, like milk, can still only be 4 or 5%. There's no need for guilt over that, is there? I've evidently been conditioned.

Anyway - if you are a fan of Total and ever see this one for sale, don't hesitate. You'll never look back. And it's perfect for ONO.

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John said...

Hi Sally

I just dropped by to remind you about weekword, however I am leaving feeling hungry....

This week´s word is Sacred, please join in and let me know that you are so that I can post your details on Friday.