Sunday 22 May 2011

Overnight Oats

There is lately a craze on a forum I frequent for something called Overnight Oats (ONO from now on because it took me three attempts to type the full name correctly). This basically involves preparing porridge but not cooking it, instead leaving it overnight and eating the next day.

Having eaten Weetabix and banana for breakfast for a very long time now, I decided to give it a go this week and (since I am blogging about you'll probably have guessed this part) I am extremely impressed. I've found I'm fuller for longer in the mornings and have enjoyed, thus far, experimenting with different combinations.

The basic recipe requires equal parts of oats and liquid. The liquid can be any combination of milk, juice, water and yogurt. I use half a cup of oats which is plenty; and since I prefer not to drink normal milk I have used the following combinations this week -

Monday: Strawberry puree (leftovers from Sunday's baking foray) with plain yogurt and fresh strawberries
Tuesday: Strawberry puree, plain yogurt and mango
Wednesday: Guava juice, plain yogurt and mango
Thursday: Guava juice, coconut yogurt and pineapple
Friday: Chocolate soy milk, coconut yogurt and blueberries

Friday's was so good I elected to repeat it for Saturday morning, traditionally a breakfast of bacon, which should be an indicator of how much a fan I have become already. I've discovered I like to add a little more liquid than oats to give it a softer texture and that it is possible to make a tub of coconut yogurt last more than two days.

I had fun yesterday picking out some fruit for this week's, since it's berry season now, so tomorrow I'll be having chocolate soy milk, plain yogurt and raspberries.

Mr Z drew a face on a mango this week and pretended it was biting his finger while I was preparing my oats for the next day. In the morning, when I opened the door to the fruit cupboard to get a banana, I found this -

Then the next day, I found these -

I wonder what it will be next....

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