Tuesday 24 May 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I've been reading this week

1. This article about a couple who are choosing to raise their children gender-neutral.

2. This news story about an escaped white tiger. The police spokeswoman is a genius.

3. This book about American girls trafficked in the sex industry. It's written by a woman I sort of know which makes it even more interesting.

4. The Book Thief. Set in Nazi Germany; I'm going to make my students read it next year for background on their study of Hitler.

5. My exam board contract, very carefully. They've gone and changed it. Gits. Expect more exam board whinging next month (I'll save it for then).

6. Scott Adams' blog. This man does a good job of offending people, though I treat his blog like the casual stream of consciousness mine sometimes is....sometimes you ruminate things that might be better kept in your head. This is my favourite of his posts.

7. This diabolical article in the Daily Mail - really, when I first read it, I thought it had been written as a spoof. Made me quite annoyed. I have to wonder if any of these primary-age children (ie, not old enough to be on Facebook) would ever have seen the pictures if some busybody hadn't printed them out and posted them through letterboxes.
I hate the Daily Mail.

8. The supplement with this month's Elle on summer beauty and how to get holiday-ready. Notwithstanding the ash cloud, I'll be in New York for brunch this Sunday and after we get back from that adventure it will be a mere 8 weeks before the big Australian adventure! Which leads me to....

9. Australia guides. Anything I can get my hands on about making the most of it. Getting quite excited now.

10. Assessments. Lots of 'em. I should have marked a dozen in the time it's taken me to blog, too. Le sigh.

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