Tuesday 17 May 2011

Tuesday Ten

I've now been seeing a personal trainer for about eight months and it's having a very positive impact on my life. Hence...

Ten Reasons I love being back on the exercise bandwagon

1. I sleep a lot better.
2. When I lift the 10kg weights in circuits to do bench presses, I can practically HEAR people thinking I'm trying to show off and will only manage one or two, and then I pop off a set of 15 and prove them wrong. And today the circuits instructor complimented me on my plank.
3. It's now FUN instead of a chore!
4. I may not have lost any weight, but I have gone down a jeans size.
5. My arms and shoulders look really toned. I can't wait to break out the strapless tops this year.
6. When I get out of breath now, I get my breath back in a very small amount of time.
7. I can do 20 minutes of exercise on a Sunday afternoon and know it's enough.
8. I make myself work out a lot harder than I used to and therefore I reap the benefits of succeeding even when it's difficult.
9. I feel so much stronger and more energetic these days.
10. I got to buy a new sports bra. And it's pink. And it's a back size smaller than I usually buy.

There are so many I didn't even get to mention how good I look from behind these days ;) all those squats are paying dividends.

I've started keeping an exercise log, because I've decided I'd like to be able to run the Bristol 10k next year (it was this weekend just gone). I went to the gym and tried to run, and managed 5 minutes without stopping, and then another 3 with only a 1 minute break in between which I thought was quite good considering I haven't run since 2006. It definitely feels like that 10k is within reach.

Watch this space!

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junebug said...

I loathe going to the gym but I admit I like the results. Sigh.

Way to go committing to a 10k. I'm thinking I will do another 5k. I do enjoy all those people clapping for me when I think I'm going to die towards the end.