Friday 12 September 2014

Fave Friday

In case you were unaware, I love this colour. I was excited to discover it is as available as Shellac (Cerulean Seas) and even more excited to discover that it perfectly matched my skirt. It also, as was pointed out to me by no less than three sales assistants on the day I took this picture, matches the trim on my bag. It's good when you have a favourite colour because everybody assumes you're just co-ordinated.

Sadly I had to remove the colour on Wednesday ready for a manicure yesterday, when I intended to have a more traditional colour (while nail varnish is not banned for staff, I did wince this week when providing nail removal wipes for two students whilst at the same time having such an obvious paint job myself), but then I missed the appointment. I had a shocker of a day. First, thanks to a variety of reasons my role on the new exciting writing project was moved to being digital resources only, which made me feel very sad (not really anything I did/failed to do; and certainly not the only writing project in the works, so not the end of the world), but then I got stuck in traffic for 45 minutes because of a BROKEN DOWN CAR (push it onto the pavement, you git!) and missed the appointment, and was unable to rebook because they're so busy. Which means that, tomorrow, inferior nail technician will do an inferior job.

I might have to have this colour again to cheer myself up. I do get cheerful just looking at it.

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