Tuesday 30 September 2014

Tuesday Ten

Hosted by CaroleKnits - ten things that weren't stressful fifteen years ago*

1. Traffic. I couldn't drive. My blood pressure thanked me.

2. Detentions. In my entire school life I only had one detention. Now I have about five a week. Why do I get punished when my behaviour was always good?

3. Word. I'm sure Word was not so bloody annoying 15 years ago. I'm sure it was easier to make a table and not end up crying with frustration as it refused to moved where you wanted it to go.

4. Getting to 127 blog posts every year. Blogging was easy; I was a student; I had shedloads of time.

5. That current scary bug that is stalking the Internet. Mr Z told me on Friday not to make any purchases online for a while. I made three online purchases within the next 12 hours before I remembered that I wasn't meant to. Then I got too scared to check my balance online to see if I'd been hacked, in case I got hacked checking my balance.

6. Having two names. Most people now have my married name but the odd one in my maiden name pops up now and then. Why do people always want my marriage certificate? It's awkward to photocopy. Why won't my passport do?

7. Telemarketers. I didn't have any money; nobody ever rang me.

8. The crappy plastic roof over the porch falling down. I didn't own a home. The fabric of the building in which I lived was not my concern. I definitely did not look at it critically every couple of days and worry about getting damp in the walls.

9. Feeding the cat while we're away. No cat = no problems.

10. Ofsted, my pension, my appraisal, performance related pay that is not linked to my own performance, work-life balance...though, to be fair, when I applied for teacher training I didn't expect to make a career of it and now I can't see myself doing much else.

* I went with 15 years because 10 years ago was not exceptionally different to now. I don't know if that is depressing or a good sign.

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