Friday 3 October 2014

Fave Friday

Sad times. I bought this in Vegas last summer at Whole Foods -

It is a great water bottle. It holds a bit more than a pint (22floz). The lid doesn't get grotty or break, unlike plastic bottles I've had. It didn't form limescale inside, like my aluminium Google water bottle (which I lamentably left somewhere at the Festival of Education this year, much to my dismay). It kind of looks like polka dots, and it is glass, so it doesn't hold in flavours if I put squash or something in there.
This should all have been written in the past tense, however, because today I was merrily swinging it on my way up to the staffroom, and, having not properly secured the lid, the bottle popped off the handle. Even though I have dropped this from a fair height on a stone floor before, the silicone sleeve prevented a breakage; but not twice. Two minutes late I was on my hands and knees with a dustpan and brush.
Luckily they do sell them over here although they are about double the price they are in the US. I might wait until I go back there next summer.

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