Thursday 23 October 2014

Three Hat Thursday: the Kayley, the Chloe Sm, the Rhys

You can tell it's the first day of the holidays - I've had a storming day.

First, I castoff the Kayley. It is knitted in Cascade Pacific Chunky, which is a really nice wool blend - so soft and not squeaky at all. I used Foliage for the crown and then the Christmas Market lace pattern from the Vogue Stitchionary 5. It had issues, as explained on Monday, but I made it work.

Then, I cast on for the Chloe Sm, in some dark purple Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky I've had in my stash since the last time I knitted a bunch of hats for my tutor group. This also began life as a Foliage, but this one has the Crystal Chandelier lace pattern from the Stitchionary. MUCH easier than the Kayley because this pattern is over 8 stitches so I didn't have to do any maths.

I went to the knitting group at Great British Yarns last night, where I finished it, and then cast on for this:

I keep knitting hats I call the Rhys, but I think this one is actually it. Rhys has the biggest personality in my tutor group. He is an aspiring body builder who wants a career in fitness. I thought he could pull off the orange, but then when I went into Get Knitted at the weekend and saw they had stocked up on what must be the entire range of Schachenmayr Lumio colours (there were pastels....just, no) and this pink was sitting right at the top....well. The deal was done.

This hat was bound off shortly after arriving home from aforementioned knitting group. Photo shoot took place on Friday but I am backdating my post. Anybody who can do maths will see that there is an issue for me reaching 127 posts before the end of the year. Expect some double-post-days coming up, as well as NaBloPoMo November. 

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