Friday 24 October 2014

Fave Friday

Combining two of my favourite things, ice cream and coffee, an affogato is one of my favourite treats. Pictured is one I had in Carluccio's whilst having lunch with Tutt last weekend. They allowed me to substitute bitter chocolate ice cream for vanilla which was very indulgent; however, I think it almost needs to vanilla because it adds that sweet hit to the whole shebang which is just so satisfying.

I always find it a bit odd that I like affogato so much. I like my coffee strong, black and sugar-free, so the idea of eating it with creamy, sugary ice cream seems a bit counter-intuitive. It is really good, though.

I tried to order an affogato in Italy, during our stay in Lecce, but either it's called something else there, or this is a faux Italian construct served solely in British Italian restaurants, or I wasn't saying it correctly, because I got a blank look. The woman brought me a sundae menu and there was some kind of gigantic ice cream that claimed to be an affogato, which I ordered. It wasn't the same as this, but it may have been the best ice cream I ate during my entire stay, in terms of texture. Dense and miraculously creamy. Mmmmmm. Wish I was back there today!

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