Monday 6 October 2014

Weekend FOs

I have been exceptionally productive on the hat front since last Thursday, churning out four and a half (count 'em) Schachenmayr Lumio ribbed hats. This brings my total hat count up to almost nine, out of 21. I am quite pleased about this because it means I will probably have time to reknit the first one, which I think is a bit overly snug, and the fourth one, which I'd quite like to keep for myself. Although I bought another ball of that colour so I could make my own, it's rougher in texture than the first ball. Weird, since all the ball band info is the same.

I've also started looking at lace patterns in my Stitchionary to try and come up with some variations on Foliage for the girls.

The Kieran -

 The Cole -

The Alex  (completed entirely at knitting group - so quick!) -

Pictures of the Dan (navy) will have to wait. I meant to take the pictures yesterday but, naturally forgot. You're not having them now. I'm exhausted today: I fell asleep driving to work. It was a weird kind of tiredness, though - I went to bed earlier than normal yesterday; I felt more like I'd been drugged. I took an antihistamine right before bed last night so perhaps I bought the drowsy kind and it was still working 7 hours later.

Anyway...bed for me now. I can't get to work and have a nap again tomorrow morning. It's assessment week!

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