Saturday 25 October 2014

Weekend FO: The Cerys

Cerys wanted a burgundy hat. She has red hair, so I had to make sure it was the right shade of burgundy. It's night time so these pictures are dire.

This is Foliage again, with the Leaf and Vine pattern from the Stitchionary. I think I only have one more hat to do like this; the other girls want either two colours, and so will get plain stitches with stripes; or a strawberry hat. Looking forward to creating that one. I have technically already knitted one for Erin but I don't want to give her one that is the same as someone else's so I think I will reknit, maybe with another cable. That first Big Softie hat was a bit too small, anyway.

Time for a bit of a hat, hiatus, though. This is number 13 of 21; 12 if I knit the first one again. 11 if I reknit Jason's, because I have been wearing the one I knitted for Jason, shame on me. However I slice it, though, I am over half way. Now I want to get started on that Lopi jumper I have been planning for ages. I pulled the yarn out tonight and swatched; last year's Christmas jumper was essentially a muslin for this jumper so I should be able to get going quite quickly. The yarn (which I bought in Iceland in 2011) is hella scratchy. I hope it softens up with knitting.

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