Friday 17 October 2014

Fave Friday

Ah, the humble gin and tonic. Drink of my youth. I remember reading in a fashion magazine interview with Kate Moss that her preferred drink was "Gin and tonic - it's delicious." Being a portly young lady I thought there might be something helpful in this, so it became my preferred choice too, when I wasn't necking pints of cider laced with vodka in an effort to get as drunk as possible on the least amount of spend.

Time has passed and happily my terrible binge drinking habits have passed too (I don't drink vodka in any quantity now, since I figured out that it gives me the most awful memory loss which is at best disturbing) but I do still love a good G&T. Sometimes that first sip of one will take me right back to being 18 minus two years again, sitting in the pub opposite the Post Office having fetched the child benefit and taken my weekly allowance out of it. It's people like my youthful self that the Tories are trying to put a stop to, I fear.

I keep a fair amount of gin in the house, never knowing when the mood might take me; my favourite is probably Hendricks. However, this picture was taken at the Canary Gin Bar in Bath, an establishment offering no fewer than 120 types of gin. It's a classy joint - the round above didn't leave much change from £30 - but over time, I reckon I might get through them all, and then I might have a new favourite.

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