Monday 13 October 2014

Weekend FO

I can't believe this one took me a whole week!

It is testament to how busy I was. I think this one will be for Rhys - it needs a strong personality to pull it off. I took it with the flash on for added reflectiveness.

This is hat number 9 complete; I have two or three more hats to make from the reflective stuff, which I will stripe; after that production may slow a little because I need to work on the lace hats for the girls. I have started one, pinching the instructions from Foliage for the crown; I'm going to add my own lace pattern for the body of the hat. I just really like how these hats look top down - the edging at the bottom is so much neater.

Not sick of hats yet, but ask me when I get to 15. I was hoping to knit another jumper before the end of the year but I'm not so sure now, especially since I'll be away for most of half term. I'm going on a course and having some pampering in the Smoke. I really feel like I've earned it. Only seven more teaching days to go!

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