Sunday 8 December 2013

Evolution of a Christmas Jumper

I finished knitting my long-planned snowman jumper back in October. Then I blocked it, and it grew six inches in length, thus ensuring that my waist decreases hit my widest part, the increase were at my waist and the original bottom, with its massive wedges of additional fabric, flapped unbecomingly somewhere around the lower part of my hips. I was glum, but thought I would just style it out. Knatterers suggested stitching up the triangles of fabric and cutting off the excess, which I will do as soon as I find the leftover yarn.

I then considered carefully what to do with the snowmen. Leave them undecorated and keep the Christmas jumper quite subtle? Um, no. I don't think that sounds like the sort of thing I'd do. I thought about decorating just one. In the end I asked Louzle, queen of the Christmas jumper. She suggested I do an "evolution of a snowman" - beginning with eyes on the first, then eyes and a nose, and so on.


I love this way too much. They are MUCH nicer now that they have eyes and I don't feel it is too twee. I need to find a satisfactory way of doing the mouth (Louzle suggested something orange, since she always uses a clementine, but we always use a stick so I need to maybe embroider something on there) and create a scarf for the last two. I would like to make a stripy icord for this but it may end up being a piece of ribbon or fabric. We'll see how the time goes.

My biggest triumph is the buttons. When they arrived from ebay, they had green fronds on, and I struggled to consider how I would make it work - after all, on a snowman any greenery would be stuck deeply into the face. Luckily, though, the green part just popped right off.


Very much looking forward to Christmas jumper day on the last day of term. I am also considering "evolution of a Christmas tree" for next year. 

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