Saturday 7 December 2013

Inaugural Kenwood....Outing?

I whipped up some cakes in my new Kenwood on Thursday. Tutty came round for tea and didn't leave until 10 so I was a bit meh about it, since it was so late already. Luckily it took about 30 seconds of actual effort and I also got to use my new muffin tin that I bought at a Pampered Chef party in October. Complete and utter win.

New kit + finished product. I made orange and cardamom mini cupcakes from my own recipe and spirnkled over some snowflake sprinkles I found on my last forage in Kitchens. Very festive. Also, the new muffin tin is bona fide non-stick and the cakes just popped out - no cases necessary. Genius.

I had quite a lot of the ganache left over.....what a pity. It is very moreish. I didn't read my recipe properly and did it with 10 cardamom pods instead of 6, so the flavour is maybe a bit to pronounced for the cake, but luckily I dipped rather than piped so I don't think it overpowers it. I intend to make the rest into truffles by dipping balls of it into malted orange chocolate....if it lasts long enough, anyway.

Really excessively pleased with my new purchase, even if I did have to spend a considerable amount of time this evening re-organising parts of the kitchen so that I could put it all away; and even if it has resulted in an empty box mountain.

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