Monday 16 December 2013

Weekend FO

Bit of a cheat, really, as I finished these on Thursday. Of course I then intended to get natural-light pictures of them at the weekend but it hasn't exactly got light properly since I finished them and they are going to their new home tomorrow.

Pattern: Eowyn by Rowan
Yarn: Rowan Alpaca Colour in Purple and Pink - two strands held together
Needle: 7mm
Mods: I knitted the body of the mitt in the round. I meant to do the border knitted on but I wanted to get them finished and couldn't be doing with the faff.

I don't think the colour difference shows now that the "crown" is on, though these still don't please me as much as the other pairs I've knitted did. I think perhaps the pattern really needs to sproing of wool to make it work: I knitted a pair years ago (pre-Ravelry) in pure silk and they were also a bit limp. They are gorgeously soft and I'm certain Mother Hand will love the colours, but...meh. 

I am a bit meh in general lately, though (I blame the end of term and also the unseasonally mild weather which is preventing me from feeling truly Christmassy), so that might be the real problem with them.

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