Thursday 26 December 2013

Frivolous Christmas Decoration Wishlist #2


My friend Ali gave me this lovely red and white spotty cake stand for Christmas a year or two ago and I have taken to incorporating it into my Christmas decorations. This year I decided to make my satsumas into mini Christingles by adding cloves and red ribbon. They smelled amazing when this picture was taken (in front of last year's unfinished Ginvent calendar - it might be the only advent calendar ever to last three years, I'm really not that much of a drinker). I was inspired by a line from The Woman In Black which we saw on stage in Bath at the start of the month, about the lead character coming into a house and being able to smell a clove-studded orange on the table. I made these that very weekend.

Anyway. Clearly this actual Christmas decoration isn't on my wishlist because it has been adorning my house for several weeks now. The wish bit is that, I wish the satsumas would keep their amazing smell and, even more important, not go mouldy. Mouldy citrus fruit is one of my top 5 worst smells: sometimes I'll come home from work and be able to smell from the front door that there is a lemon starting to turn at the back of the fruit drawer. Sometimes I can't smell it until it has oozed through the bars onto the potatoes underneath, but that's beside the point; I would like everfresh citrus fruit for my Christingles next year, please.

I suppose there's probably a scented candle I can get with this scent, though.

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