Tuesday 10 December 2013

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things on my To-do List (only ten? How can I narrow it down?)

1. Finish Mother Hands handwarmers.

2. Come up with a cunning plan for adding mouths to my snowmen and making them scarves so I can finish the Christmas jumper.

3. Decorate the house for Christmas.

4. Go to the gym - I have slipped back to once-a-week with remarkable ease and I am not feeling well on it.

5. Marking. Three sets of exams, one set of sixth form essays. I suppose I should mark exercise books too, but that adds another 8 sets to my list and it's just too overwhelming, and I really, really want to get it done before the weekend. #dreaming

6. Write Christmas cards.

7. Visit farm shop to buy Christmas cheeeeeeese.

8. Do that thing Ian asked me to do for work over a week ago.

9. Get the car washed.

10. Go to a carol concert. As luck would have it, there is one tonight to which I have tickets. I can cross one thing off by bedtime, at least!

Thanks for the inspiration, Carole.

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