Friday 27 December 2013

Fave Friday

I am quite impressed that I have made it over a month of ownership before declaring that the new Kenwood Chef is my FAVOURITE THING. I really love it. Making cakes was never an arduous or particularly time-consuming thing for me (I hate to come across all faux domestic goddess but I do generally find the whole process quite soothing) but thanks to this thing, I almost don't even have to be present. I can whip up a batch of cakes in just a few minutes; it's easy to clean and powerful and relatively quiet, and it makes really delicious ice cream.


Perhaps, actually, Mr Z makes really delicious ice cream: this is cardamom ice cream with chocolate cardamom pieces and I ate so much I felt violently sick for several hours, it was so good. I love that it came with an ice cream maker attachment.

Perhaps my favourite thing about it so far, though, is the light work it makes of dough. I have always been a little bit afraid of yeasted doughs; they were the preserve of Father Hand when I was a child and always involved some sort of mysterious kitchen alchemy to which I was not privy. No more! This thing has helped me, this week, to whip up a batch of croissant dough (so much work after the initial mixing, but so, so worth it) and, today, these -


Turkey, cranberry and stuffing chelsea buns, from last year's GBBO Christmas special. I just chucked the dough ingredients in the bowl and set it going for about 7 minutes, et voila. Perfect, elastic dough.

It was definitely worth the wait!

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