Saturday 28 December 2013

Portugal: Tile Museum Part 2

As well as the traditional tiles, with the heavy Catholic overtones mixed with Islamic influences, and lots of yellows and blues, there was a whole section of the museum which displayed more modern designs. This was my favourite bit, although I think Tutty liked it least of all. I think she might have struggled to pick her least favourite part though, truth be told; I gave her a tile coaster as a bit of a joke Christmas present and she did not seem overjoyed to be reminded of the experience.

It did take a moment of looking at this one to realise it is a slightly creepy rendition of grasshoppers.

I wish I'd bought a guidebook or something, or been able to read the Portuguese labels.

The colour of this one reminded me of some of the stuff I made for my ceramics GCSE. This lustre glaze was very expensive and my pottery teacher would only let us use a very small amount at a time. I made sure I got a picture of myself carefully reflected in it, too.

Unsurprisingly, this one was my favourite. Look at the colour!

This was the display from the foyer. It was very big - probably the same height as me, or a little bigger. I really liked the colours in this, too.

There was some artwork, too, styled using cloth and clay. This also reminded me a lot of my GCSE, when I made one piece out of a fabric sofa I sewed, soaked in liquid clay and then fired.

I was in my element!

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