Saturday 28 December 2013

Superspeedy FO

Mother Hand's Green Beret


Pattern: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret - my 4th attempt at this and possibly the first when I used the correct yarn weight
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica
Needle: 6mm for the rib, 8mm for the hat
Mods: None. 


There was a satisfyingly small amount of yarn leftover at the end. I bought this yarn from my friend Emma when I went and shopped her stash in May, intending to do something with it for Mother Hand. I promptly forgot all about it and only rediscovered it when I was trying to wrestle my stash into some kind of order in the spare bedroom yesterday. Since Mother Hand is coming tomorrow and it seems to be becoming some kind of Christmas tradition that I knit her something very last minute that I wasn't planning to knit, and have to rush it. Luckily, this nifty little thing knitted up in one day.

This is the second of these I have knit for Mother Hand. The first was for Christmas two years back, but she unfortunately lost it some time in the last month or two. I got quite an elaborate story about how she had left it on the dashboard of her car and left the car window open and that is when someone must have stolen it, although it was funny because nothing else had gone was like the time she told me she had given my ancient, cracked travel mug, which I had given her when I got a new one, to a homeless girl whilst out on Street Pastors, filled with hot tea, and the homeless girl had gone when she came back for it. I don't really understand why these events require such tales. Perhaps I am being uncharitable and both of these stories are true; but I would prefer, "Sorry, I left it on a bus" or whatever the truth of the matter is.

Honestly, though, between lost hats and felted mitts, I might have to give up and declare her unknitworthy. She is just about the only person I regularly knit for, though, so I suppose I will let her off. 

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