Tuesday 31 December 2013

Tuesday Ten

Ten Wins of 2013

1. I didn't exactly make any new year's resolutions last year: just to lose weight and get a new job. I lost weight and interviewed for a new job, so I think that's a bit of a win.

2. Finally managed a swim in Lake Tahoe, though it was extremely cold.

3. At long last, toured the neon boneyard in Vegas. I have been wanting to visit that place since about 1992, when it wasn't even open to the public.


4. Got tapped up for promotion at the exam board. It hasn't happened, but I don't think I am disappointed about that, really. It's just nice to be asked.

5. Published a book.

6. Started and finished knitting 4 garments; knit almost the whole of 3 more; finished the lace shawl kit I started in 2010 (this was defo a delinquent WIP).

7. Deadlifted 105kg. Next stop, Rio.

8. Presented to over 500 students at an exam-busting workshop, wearing a face mic a la Madonna. Made me feel a little bit like a rockstar, not gonna lie. It was also terrifying.

9. Finally bought a Kenwood for the perfect baking experience.

10. I made it 127 blog posts, by the skin of my teeth. Never thought I'd get here! It was a bit of a shock when I worked out in October I'd have to blog practically every day until the end of the year to make it....next year I fully intend to spread them out a bit more.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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