Wednesday 4 December 2013

Today I wish I was...

...going to bed in this again!

We stayed a night at the Caboose Motel (or Railroad Park Resort, as they like to call it - you should go, it has a pool and everything) during our summer road trip. I was most grateful for the shower, after 5 days on showerless campsites, but the bed was a very close second. It was absolutely vast. I love Mr Z a lot, but I like my space when I sleep. I reminisced about this bed fondly this morning, as I attempted to turn over on a 2-inch wide strip without falling off. It's like gymnastics for the terminally weary*.


Mostly, though, I was missing the novelty of sleeping in a train carriage.

* I told Jenny today that, much as Inuits have dozens of words for snow, teachers have dozens of words for tired. I think there's a blog post in there somewhere.

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