Friday 6 December 2013

Fave Friday

I had a very lovely evening with two of my favourite friends this evening. We went to Market in Bath for dinner; I realised once we were sitting in there that it is the site of Delfter Krug (I have no idea how that is spelled), a very cheesy club we used to frequent as PGCE students and then in the early years of staff piss ups in Bath. Then I couldn't stop looking around, trying to work out whether it had always been that small, where the DJ place was and where I was dancing when I (possibly) saw Rhys Ifans. It was a very nice meal; much nicer as a restaurant than it was as a bit of a dive. Somewhere, I do have some good pictures of Ian dancing on a speaker there, though. Good times.

After we'd had our lovely dinner we crossed the road and saw The Woman In Black at the Theatre Royal. It managed to be intensely creepy and much spookier than the film, in spite of the rather bright house lights, all the coughing, the mobile phone going off and the people on our row who arrived late and had to squeeze past us. There were several moments when the whole theatre jumped in horror at the screams, which was quite thrilling and then quite funny. The best jump, though, was when Parpy Jo was having a snooze. She falls asleep in the cinema almost every time so it was no surprise (I think it makes a good night out for her now she's a busy mummy because she can hang out with friends but also get a nap in) and sure enough she started nodding after about 10 minutes. After a while she was asleep with her chin on her chest. Then the first loud noise/jump moment came and woke her up with a start. I thought Kath was going to have to leave the theatre because she was laughing so much.

What a lovely evening! Favourite people, lovely food, funny horror play. Great end to the week.

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