Thursday 5 December 2013

Frivolous Christmas Decoration Wishlist #1

Decorating for Christmas is going to be my thing this year. I am so excited about having a lovely festive house. I have been browsing online for decorations; so far this is on my wishlist. Unfortunately they didn't see fit to use the tempting Christmas decoration version as a picture on that item, only on their front page; so here is the picture (with apologies to the website - all items available from them and please go and spend money there)

Pretty. Unfortunately completely unsuitable for us, though; I would like to put them in the hallway down the stairs but there's no socket out there. I therefore can't justify spending this amount of money on some lights to go in our already heaving living space. Someone should invent a battery powered, or rechargeable, portable plug socket.

They might look quite nice in the bedroom, though, come to think of it...

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