Monday 29 September 2014

Weekend FO 2: BHP#2 - the Jason

Pattern: It was on the ball band
Yarn: Schachenmayr Lumio, about 80g of a 150g ball
Needle: 10mm
Mods: None to speak of, although I don't feel too keen on the idea of using the rest of the ball to make a ginormous pom pom for it. It feels a bit of a waste.

I probably could have gone a couple of rows shorter on this as it is pretty low even on my huge melon; Jason can always roll the brim up, though. He's a quiet kid with violently orange hair who sends lots of emails to teachers, which we all found a bit freaky to start with, because we're not used to students emailing us with positive comments about our lessons. Once you realise he means no harm (we're such cynics) it's actually quite nice. So, when he asked for a blue hat I knitted it in this yarn which I had bought to knit a hat for myself (of course, look at the colour!)

It's really very reflective, which I like a lot. I promptly went online and ordered a bunch of other colours so I can do most of the boys' hats in it. This one took about an hour. I'll be motoring through them at this rate.

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