Friday 19 September 2014

Fave Friday

I gave up wearing a watch when I left uni and went to the US. I reasoned that, as I wasn't working, I didn't need to know the time. Then I found myself struggling to wear one because it felt weird on my wrist.

However, recently I found myself hankering after something in rose gold. I considered requesting it for an anniversary gift, but plumped for something else in the end. Then one of the people I went on holiday with had a lovely Fossil rose gold watch, so when I was in town last month I went to see what they had in this colour. The answer was, something dripping in crystals, or something only sized for children or, as the SA told me, Asian people.

Meanwhile, in Thomas Sabo, the watch I had previously lusted after had disappeared from the window, so I went in to see if it was regular stock and the SA helped me try it on. When I made a slightly awkward comment about having big wrists, she even had the grace to say this was not true. The watch fit beautifully. I sighed, and told her, "Maybe next month."

My resolve lasted three and a half hours.

It is my "Well done on becoming a Head of Department" present to myself. I'm doing a good job of getting used to wearing it, when I remember to put it on.

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