Sunday 21 September 2014

Weekend Baking: Danish Pastries

Not this weekend, I hasten to add. I made these whilst it was still the summer holidays; how else could I squeeze in all the rolling, chilling and turning?

I do enjoy something about the process of making this type of pastry. Part of it is being convinced the whole time that it isn't going to work and then it does. This dough did not rise as I expected it to, so I was convinced I was going to have some weird texture going on. While it probably could have been better - my butter was too soft and my timing was not very good - I don't think it was a bad effort for my first try.

I used the recipe from Paul Hollywood's book, the blue one. On the left are pecan and maple Danish. I made a frangipane using pecan nuts instead of almonds. I don't think I really knew what a frangipane was: it was a lot more like a cake than I expected. I glazed these with maple syrup; overall the effect was not overly sweet (good) and not overly pecan-ish (not so good).

On the right are a cheese and tomato effort. I made a very thick, very cheesy white sauce, added a slice of tomato and grated a little more cheese over the top. Although they look messy and the tomato fell off of some of them during baking, I think these were more successful. I was worried the cheese sauce would become thin when it got hot and run off the pastry, but that didn't happen.

I think these would be really good with an almond frangipane and a wedge of pink grapefruit, like those little tea cakes I made earlier in the year. I expect I will have another go although, tbh, the croissants I've made a couple of times now came out nicer. However, I have never yet attempted a creme patisserie so I should make a plan for some using that.

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